Thursday, August 23, 2012

New in.

Jumpsuit, Bracelets & Ring: Primark|| Blouse & Pants: Vero Moda
Hey Guys!
Yesterday I was shopping again but this time in Bremen.  I bought this really cute lace jumpsuit and Jewelry from Primark. I just needed more Jewelry and I fell in love with this jumper. I adore lace nowadays :)
And what I really love about this blouse is the detailing on the collar and I needed more colorful pants, so I bought this stretchy and high-waisted pants from Vero Moda.
And to this tote bag: I may not use it in any of the up-coming Fashion Posts but I wanted to show it to you guys because it came all the way from the Philippines to Germany. This bag is made out of garbage and I thought it was really cute. :D
And 'Thank you so much!!' to my first 4 Followers! :*
Love, Maureen ♥

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  1. Mir gefallen deine neuen Teile. :) Wirklich schön ♥ Ich sollte Primark und Vero Moda vielleicht auch mal einen besuch ab statten. xxx