Monday, August 27, 2012

The lace jumper.

Jumper, Bracelets & Ring|| Shoes: Deichmann
Hey Guys!
After this week school is starting again. I just can't believe how fast the weeks went by.
On Thursday we're going to visit some relatives and we're going to stay there until Sunday. :)
In this Fashion Post I'm wearing my new lace jumper from Primark. I just added gold jewelry to this outfit. And I think the jumper is super cute and I'm really happy with my purchase.
What do you guys think?
Love, Maureen ♥
And I thank you all so much
for visiting my blog, for all the comments and of course to my first 7 followers for following me! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Floral tube top with High-waisted shorts.

Top & Shorts: Bershka|| Bracelets: Primark|| Bag: Sylvia Santos|| Shoes: Deichmann
Hey Guys!
Next week is the last week of my vacation and then school starts again. -.-
The time went by so fast. I still remember the last day of school, when I was so happy to sleep in, to go to bed late and Summer, Sun & Fun.
Anyways, here's another Fashion Post. This is an outfit you can wear to school (maybe not the shoes when your in my age) or on a shopping spree or wherever you like. By the way the handbag I'm presenting is my favorite one. :)
Hope you guys like it! :D
Love, Maureen ♥

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New in.

Jumpsuit, Bracelets & Ring: Primark|| Blouse & Pants: Vero Moda
Hey Guys!
Yesterday I was shopping again but this time in Bremen.  I bought this really cute lace jumpsuit and Jewelry from Primark. I just needed more Jewelry and I fell in love with this jumper. I adore lace nowadays :)
And what I really love about this blouse is the detailing on the collar and I needed more colorful pants, so I bought this stretchy and high-waisted pants from Vero Moda.
And to this tote bag: I may not use it in any of the up-coming Fashion Posts but I wanted to show it to you guys because it came all the way from the Philippines to Germany. This bag is made out of garbage and I thought it was really cute. :D
And 'Thank you so much!!' to my first 4 Followers! :*
Love, Maureen ♥

Friday, August 17, 2012

The detailed collar.

Blouse: Bershka|| Shorts: ZARA|| Bracelets: Primark|| Ring: Primark|| Shoes: GIBI Collection

Hey Guys!
So here's another Fashion Post! It was really warm today and in the news they said that the 'Spanish Weather' is coming to Germany which means more warm weather to enjoy. Yay! :D  We planned to visit the North Sea again on Sunday! :)
Now back to this Outfit: I  personally think that blouses always go well with crochet shorts. Since the collar of this blouse was detailed with gold, I took my sister's gold bracelets and ring to match.

Love, Maureen ♥

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New in.

Hey Guys!
Last week we were shopping in Freiburg (a wonderful city in the South of Germany). I didn't buy much, just these cute sweaters from H&M. They're just perfect for Fall! And what I really love about them is that it's longer in the back.
Afterwards we bought ourselves Bubble Tea and had dinner in Vapiano.

Love, Maureen  ♥

Friday, August 3, 2012

Floral print.

Top: Forever 21|| Shorts: Bershka

Hey Guys!
On Wednesday we had a trip to the North Sea because of the good weather. It was actually really warm and just the perfect weather for sun tanning. But unfortunately all the beach chairs were taken, so we had to look for a place to lay out our towels. Otherwise, the trip was real FUN! :D
Soo...I paired my new flower-printed shorts with my floral lace top which I absolutely adore!
I hope you like it  :)

Love, Maureen ♥