Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Favorites.

 Sweater: H&M|| Scarf: Betty Barclay
 I love wearing darker nailpolish colors in fall! I bought this nailpolish from the Essie Fall Collection.
It's Limited Edition :)

 I love the NAKED2 palette aloot!! :D What I really love about it is the range of brown tones. There are shimmery colors but matte ones as well! ..and the colors fit well to fall :)
And like everyone else (I guess) I love drinking something warm when it's cold outside. My favorite hot drink is definetely 'Chai Latte'. I love the Vanilla-Cinamon taste of it!! :D
Hey Guys!
So here are my Fall Favorites! I'm sooo sorry for not posting anything for a very long time! I usually have a new post every weekend but I was too busy last weekend because: First of all I was sick. Second of all I was at 'GroƟmarkt', Diepholz *.*!! And third/last of all I had to prepare 2 essays. And during the week I don't have any time at all because I'm too busy with schoolwork. But I'm planning to do another post tomorrow to replace the one from last weekend!
Have a nice Sunday!
Love, Maureen ♥

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The brown boots.

Head band: H&M|| Top: Bershka|| Shorts: H&M|| Shoes: Tamaris|| Watch: Athena
Hey Guys!
So here's an Outfit example to my new shoes. (Check out my previous post! :D) I went for a hippie/ festival kind of outfit. I personally think that typical festival outfits are: Printed tank tops or t-shirts + high-waisted shorts + boots. And of course you're not aloud to forget the the head band and red lipstick.. and for me: an ukulele haha :D This is actually like a Photo shooting not like my other Fashion posts but I needed a change :) and Credits to my little sister for photography!!  ♥
What do you guys think?!
Love, Maureen  ♥

New in.

Boots: Tamaris
Hey Guys!
Yesterday, we were shopping in Bremen for new fall shoes. It took really long for me to find some because I'm usually one of those who finds it really hard to choose what to buy especially with shoes. My step-mom was even surprised that I've found shoes at all :D When I first saw them I didn't like them that much but when I wore them with my dark blue jeans I fell in love with them and Im really happy that I've bought them.
Love, Maureen  ♥

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The orange blazer.

Blazer,Top & Jeans: Bershka|| Shoes: Mendez|Woman|| Watch: DKNY
Hey Guys!
I didn't post anything for a very long time, because as I said on the other post I was going to be gone for a while before school starts but I didn't know that I wouldn't have any time to post something in the first school week. It was too stressfull! (Sorry for that! :/) So finally here's a new Fashion Post :D
I know it's really warm in Germany right now but I think that the blazer goes really well to this Outfit and I really adore my new jeans from Bershka *-*
I hope you like it! :)

Love, Maureen  ♥