Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Khaki-Colored Jacket.


 Jacket: Pimkie|| Top: H&M|| Leggins: Esprit|| Shoes: Tamaris|| Ring: Bijou Brigitte|| Necklace: Primark
Hey Guys!
I found this jacket in my closet a few days ago and I forgot I even had it. :D  I combined the outfit with  gold and bronze jewelry because of the buttons of the Jacket which shares the same color. I tried to imitate the side-cut look with my hair because I somehow like it. But I would honestly never do that to my hair!! haha :D
I'm so glad that in 2 weeks school vacation is going to start. School is just so tiring.
Hope you like this outfit.

Love, Maureen


  1. Love the jacket! Your hair is gorgeous too! :D

    Wish & Wear

  2. You look really amazing, love your jacket!
    Have a great week! :)

  3. great pictures & i love your outfit!

  4. love the army jacket! It's kinda similar to mine. :) anyhooo, thanks for visiting my blog! followed you now, hope you'll follow back.. thankies! :)