Sunday, July 15, 2012

Double Denim.

Shirt: Forever 21|| Shorts & Bracelets: H&M || Ring: Bijou Brigitte || Necklace: Philippine Airport ||
Shoes: a Philippine Boutique
Hey Guys!
Yeah! My first Fashion Post. These are two of my favorite pieces, so I thought why not combinate them. I saw the style `Double Denim´ a lot on other Blogs and in Magazines and wanted to try it myself. One thing to know about Double Denim is that the two denim items need to be in different blue shades or it'll appear a little over-dressed.
I added some brown accents to it, to keep this outfit simple.
Love,Maureen ♥
Credits to my lovely sister Melissa ( for Make-Up, Outfit and Photography :)

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